The 3 Best Custom Branded Promotional Products for Wineries

/ Arthur Morgan

When it comes to selecting promotional products for wineries and tasting rooms it can feel like there’s an infinite number of promotional items to choose from. The benefits of logo customized and brand-personalized items and the impressions they rake in are well-known and oft-repeated. An impression study done by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) found that promotional products remained less expensive per impression than all other forms of traditional advertising.

Further, the study found that “The investment in [promotional products] is modest, more targeted and allows for much greater levels of interaction with consumers than other forms of advertising.” More targeted advertising is important in the context of a winery or tasting room’s marketing or retail budget. Unlike a national ad campaign run by a beer or liquor conglomerate with the intent of reaching millions of consumers, wineries on the whole have a smaller marketing budget and smaller, more targeted audience.

With this context established wineries and tasting rooms should ask themselves three questions before selecting a promotional product: 

  1. Will my audience retain and use this product over time?
  2. Does the marketing impression generated by this product re-emphasize my brand and industry?
  3. Does this product reflect the quality of my brand?

A promotional item’s ROI increases exponentially with time and usage and its impression is more meaningful when the item correlates to the brand’s industry. For example, a promotional pen with a winery’s brand on it does not re-emphasize wine or wine drinking. With that said let’s examine the three best Promotional Products for Wineries and the Wine Industry: 

#1: The Waiter's Corkscrew 

Waiter's Corkscrew by Coutale Sommelier France with Custom Logo

The Corkscrew is a winery’s most important promotional tool. It checks off all three requirements of a wine industry promotional product. An impression generated by a high-end corkscrew re-emphasizes a winery brand on every impression due to its association with the opening of wine and the purchase of more wine. A winery’s target audience will retain a high-end corkscrew for years due to the utility and durability of the tool. The winery’s brand impression will occur at every occurrence of wine being opened over that multi-year period. Two of the best corkscrew brands for price to quality ratio are Coutale Sommelier from France and Pulltap’s  from Spain. Both corkscrew brands produce high-end, cost-effective corkscrews available at wholesale pricing with custom logo imprints.

#2: The 750ML“One Bottle” Wine Growler

750mL "One Bottle" Wine Growler with Custom Logo

The 750mL Wine Growler is a unique promotional tool for any winery or tasting room. A winery’s target audience is usually willing to purchase a Wine Growler due to its utility and novelty. If used as a free promotional product giveaway or purchase incentive clients are sure to retain a favorable view of the brand as a Wine Growler is considered a high-end, lucrative promotional product. A “One Bottle” Wine Growler fits and keeps chilled one full bottle of Rosé, White, or Red Wine. Like the corkscrew, a custom logoed Wine Growler re-emphasizes a winery’s brand on every use. Plus, customers often like to fill their Wine Growlers with the same wine as the branding on the Growler. Wine Growlers often get re-used as water bottles or coffee thermoses and thus create additional impressions. 

#3: The “Ah So” Two-Prong Corkpuller 

Custom Two Prong Ah So Corkpuller with Winery Logo

The “Ah So” Two-Prong Corkpuller, like the corkscrew and the wine growler, emphasizes a wine brand at the perfect time, when a wine bottle is being opened. Like the corkscrew, the “Ah So” is a product a wine consumer loves and retains over time due to its utility and quality. More so than a corkscrew, an “Ah So” retains an “in the know” cache due its uniqueness and relative rarity of use in comparison to a corkscrew. A wholesale “Ah So” is the perfect promotional item for a winery with a very dedicated audience made up of oenophiles and wine collectors. The “Ah So” Two-Prong Corkpuller is the perfect promotional product for the discerning wine collector who already has the basics, like a corkscrew, at home. Two-Prong “Ah So” Corkpullers with a custom printed logo are available wholesale and in a variety of finishes from wine-n-gear.

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