How Wineries can Utilize a "Brand Story" to Boost Wine Sales and Build Brand Awareness

/ Arthur Morgan

The millennial marketplace gets captivated by a "brand story" that plays out through a combination of a UI friendly webstore, Instagram-heavy social media, and unique marketing of Promotional Products.  But what exactly is a brand story? A brand story is a theme that connects a brand across multiple platforms. In today’s world, where digital and physical marketplaces and advertising have collided, a brand story is more important than ever. It keeps a brand rooted and honest in a world where the multitude of media options can easily corrode a brand’s integrity. Once a brand is too diluted, take Michael Kors...

The 3 Best Custom Branded Promotional Products for Wineries

/ Arthur Morgan
A promotional item’s ROI increases exponentially with time and usage and its impression is more meaningful when the item correlates to the brand’s industry. For example, a promotional pen with a winery’s brand on it does not re-emphasize wine or wine drinking. With that said let’s examine the three best Promotional Products for Wineries and the Wine Industry: